• Tax Services

PayYes can effectively manage your entire tax process by providing detailed tax summary statements, efficient tax service that automatically updated to meet new tax requirements and online access to payroll tax liabilities, invoices, deposits and tax report information.

Here’s a summary of what PayYes provides:

  • Every deposit period, PayYes deposits social security, Medicare, federal withholding, federal unemployment, state withholding, state unemployment, and, where applicable, disability and local payroll taxes.

  • On a quarterly and annual basis, PayYes files all appropriate returns, gives you a detailed listing of tax liabilities, and supplies you copies of returns for your records.

  • PayYes meets all additional IRS and state requirements and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) requirements.

  • Tax Services include automatic enrollment in Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). This meets IRS requirements for businesses that must deposit Forms 940 and 941 payroll taxes electronically.