• Payroll Services

Convenient, Accurate, Timely

Just tell us how many hours each employee worked. We will calculate your payroll, including the deductions and withholdings for all relevant tax issues. You will receive professionally printed checks, pay vouchers, and reports ready for payday.

You can submit employee information to us at your convenience;

  • By Phone
  • By Fax
  • By E-mail
  • By our software installed in your PC

01.Preparing your payroll

To prepare your payroll at the end of each pay period, just collect your payroll data, including any changes and additions. Then, communicate this data to PayYes by fax, telephone, e-mail or from software provided by PayYes.

02.Processing your Payroll

Once your Payroll Specialist receives your payroll data, it gets processed immediately to create your PayYes payroll packages.

03.Processing your Taxes

After your payroll packages are processed, PayYes offers options for submitting your tax payments related your payroll information.

04.End of Period Processing

At the end of each pay period, month, quarter and year, we provide all the necessary services to meet government requirements including filing payroll tax returns.

05.Delivering your Payroll Packages

Here’s What You Get Every Payroll Period:

  • Payrolls ready for either direct deposit (ACH) or your signature to authorize payroll checks.
  • Employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and year-to-date wages, taxes, and adjustments.
  • Payroll journals that detail current payroll information
  • Report of cash needed to cover payroll expenses and tax liabilities.
  • Timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits.

Affordable options integrated with PayYes payroll services are:

  • Direct Deposit
    • PayYes deposits your employees’ pay directly into their checking or savings accounts eliminating time spent by employees depositing or cashing checks and reducing chance of lost or stolen checks.

  • Total Pay
    • PayYes debits thes total cost of your payroll from your bank account, issues paychecks and direct deposits from a PayYes account, and handles all payroll related transactions.

  • Signing and Stuffing
    • PayYes will calculate and produce all W2s and 1099s for your business.

  • W2 and 1099 Processing
    • : PayYes files all appropriate returns, gives detailed listing of tax liabilities, and supplies you copies of returns for your records.

  • Filing Payroll Tax Returns
    • PayYes files all appropriate returns, gives detailed listing of tax liabilities, and supplies you copies of returns for your records.

  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)
    • PayYes makes all federal tax deposits via EFTPS upon your request.

  • New Hiring Report
    • PsayYes takes care of your newly hired or rehired employees reporting and ensures that these employees are properly reported to the appropriate state agencies according to each state’s methods and guidelines. PayYes maintains historical information, tracks compliance, and responds to state inquires.